I attended the NSK trackday at Vålerbanen August 3. which was the first time on track with the FM supercharger.  It was not fully tuned yet but the map was safe enough for testing. I brought the Mac and did some adjustments between sessions.  I only got 9 dry laps before the rain came hammering down.  My previous best here was 1:07.7 done in May with the 2013 spec E85 tune.

I now managed a new best of 1:06.2 which is 1.5 sek faster.  A 1.05 would certainly be possible.
The only change in setup from last time is more power (and weight..).  I need some kind of LSD to put the power to the ground out of corners. I would think that is worth at least 1 sek.

Here is a section of a datalog I did. The boost graph is wrong due to wrong calibration of the MAP sensor. It should have read 12 psi.
IAT is very high hoovering reaching 70c
ECT is stable. No need for a bigger rad yet.
Boost pressure falls after 6k. Its the shady boost control I have implemented that needs tweaking.
AFR's are not optimal at the top end. I did some enrichment after this log but it seems hard to get it under 12:1. I suspect the fuel pump has reached its limit and that the fuel pressure is falling above 6K. For this reason I tried to keep it under 6K.

I'm happy with how the supercharger has transformed the power delivery of the car. I cant wait to get everything sorted and have a go at Rudskogen.