Finally my crank arrived.  Actually the same day I showed up early in the morning and held a little speech regarding customer satisfaction. They used two months and all that was needed was polishing. I bet it happend the same day I ruined the morning glory. But the polishing is actually good news since that means I can order the same size bearings :)

The pictures above was before cleaning off the journals. Seems like there was some residue or fluid from the polish process.

When I cleaned up the oil channels I noticed that the entries were very sharp and not chamfered.  I took a lot of pictures of the crank before I had it polished but not a single one was of the oil holes so I don't know how they were before polishing. I will do a tiny bit of chamfering to avoid a sharp edge ripping off bearing material but no "directional cuts" or other internet magic.

To be sure that STD size bearings was ok I measured the main journal diameter + oil clearance using the old bearings. And I could use my new measuring tools.

The micrometer was off by 0.02 so a calibration was needed. Since I bought the cheapest on I could get it took quite a while as I had to disassemble it and insert a new spacer for the locking hex screw to work. Crap.

I used the method where I zeroed out the dial bore gauge in the micrometer for each journal and moved the gauge around until i got the min value in two location 90 deg apart.  Plastigauge would work too but is said to be less accurate and a lot more work as you have to have the crank in place.

Results were ok and well within spec.  My guess is that journal #1 was polished a bit more than the rest as it is 0.01mm off the rest.
Oil clearance was a bit above standard on #3 + horizontal measured values but well within max.
This was the old used bearings so I expect the new ones to be more consistent.

STD diameter: 51.980-52.000 mm {2.0464-2.0472 in}
STD oil clearance 0.019-0.035 mm {0.0007-0.0013 in}​
Max oil clearance 0.10 mm {0.0039 in}

cyl dim clr vertical/horizontal
1 = 51.99 c 0.03 / 0.05
2 = 52.00 c 0.02 / 0.04
3 = 52.05 c 0.04 /0.06
4 = 52.00 c 0.02 / 0.04
5 = 52.00 c 0.03 / 0.05

Since engine is from different car the sales guy over at the Mazda dealer was reluctant to start digging after parts without a VIN or reg number.  By using and I was able to piece together what I needed.

(STD dim, no overbore)
- L5Y111SE0 x 1   Rod bearingset ​ 
​- L3Y211SG0 x 1   Engine Bearing set 
- L3Y211SJ0  x 1   Thrust bearing

And here is a bonus picture of what fell out of the oil pump pickup when I was going through the parts:

That screen inside the tube is there for a reason :) I'll inspect the pump closely to see if it needs to be replaced.