BEGI Cool Air Box

On my last Trackday I noticed that the intake temp after the air filter on my FM MSM intake was 60 c on one occasion but are consistently 20c + above ambient.
Not good. I always wondered if the filter locations was such a good idea on this intake.
I’m sure it could be resolved with some ducting and shielding but I’m not a fan of chrome anyway so I’ll welcome another solution that doesn’t look like it has escaped from the bling store.

BEGI has a nice “cool air intake” that draws air from behind the left head light.
It also includes new piping both into and out the compressor all the way to the IC pipe joint in front of the wheel well. Cooler air and less restrictive.

The kit:

It missed a vacuum source. I found a nozzle from an old bicycle pump that could be used as a nipple lying around. It wont show in the engine bay as it is on the underside of the pipe. Sealed it off with some JB weld.

Installation was straight forward. Some of the hose clamps didn’t fit for some reason but I got plenty lying around.

The temp sensor did not fit. I hacked it in place with a big nut as a spacer. This has to be redone as the sensor probably will pick up heat from outside the air box.

So, how does it perform ? No change in power on regular driving but the intake temps are now closer to 10c above ambient which must be a good thing for detonation and charge air temperature. I won’t know for sure before I fix the sensor position. I’m also considering making a 2” hole in the inner fender for extra cool air source.
One big change is a nicer intake sound. The FM one was very noisy and transfered a lot of unwanted noise into the cabin.
A good intake kit, but expensive at $330.


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