NSK Trackday @ Rudskogen 26.7.08

New trackday with NSK today. Nice sunny weather and 28-30 C ambient.
A lot of fast cars here today. The faster one was a Porsche 996 GT2 with some RUF tuning. That car really flyes. It must clock at least 200 km/t at the end of the straight. That shouldn’t be a problem with the big fat ceramic disc brakes.

No fast lap times today as I had passengers on all my laps I believe. RaceChrono showed 1.10 and that is usually what I clock when having company.
I also had to cut my sessions short due to cooling problems in the heat.
I started out with 70-80c in oil temp and had 125 C after 10 laps. It took 3 laps to cool down the oil temp 10 degrees C.
The coolant temp was also way too high. I saw 110 C on each session before I let off.
This is kind of disappointing as I have the big fat PWR alu radiator with minimum glycol (10% + 10% water wetter)
The next step then is to do a coolant reroute or/and make vents in the hood.

I’m not sure why the oil temp is a problem. I’ll try to add some ducting to make sure air going in the fog light hole is pushed trough the cooler and not around.
If that won’t help I will upgrade the hoses to AN-10. I think my current hydraulic hoses has the same ID but the couplings might have a smaller ID than what Earls or whatever sells.

At the last session I also had some difficulties when shifting. It felt like the synchros wasn’t up to the task when going from 2nd to 3rd at the end of the session. Hopefully its the gear oil that can’t handle the heat. This will be changed before next trackday. I will also prioritize having temp sensors fitted to the diff and trans drain plugs. Based on the heat radiating from the transmission tunnel it could be way to hot for the oil to do its job properly.

Some pictures (First picture taken by AJF @ mx5-miata.no):


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