3" Corksport exhaust. No more backp pressure

I have always wondered why there were no after-market 3” exhaust for the MSM.
The stock exhaust is 2.5” so why does FM make their MSM exhaust the same size ?
In the Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsu … or any other turbo car 3” exhaust is the norm. 2.5” is too small for any 4 cyl turbo engine if power is of importance. Period.

Needless to say I was very happy when I heard that www.corksport.com was making one for the MSM.
I preordered one in april and was told it would be ready in june. Well, I got it in September… but hey, it was wort the wait.

The quality of the welds, design and material is outstanding. At least as good as the FM Thermal Research exhaust.

Comparison (sucky iPhone pics )

Fitting was straight forward but not without problems.
The fit under the car was perfect. No problems near the diff where it is really tight for a 3”. Exhaust tip perfectly aligned with the rear skirt.
The only real problem is that this exhaust wont fit the FM DP. The flange on the 2.5” DP is not wide/high enough to make s proper seal with the 3” flange on the exhaust. After a lot of thinking a came up with a drastic solution to the problem:

De-cat’ed OEM DP..
The only real difference between the FM and stock DP is the size and flow of the cat. And it has bigger 2.5 flanges that makes a good seal with the 3” flange.
OEM cat is at least twice the length of the FM one and probably has a denser core with less flow.
I used a 1.5” steel pipe lying around the garage and poked it out. It took forever but I got every little pice out including the steel mesh that was lying around the core.

First test drive was a blast. The sound is what I was hoping for. Its louder then the 2.5” but not too much. It has a deeper sound at idle and low revs. When the turbo start to spool it has a nice aggressive sound that gets better and better all the way to the redline.
The spool is noticably better than with the old exhaust.
But the best part is that it pulls so much better from 5500 to 7200.
Also I have less of a boost peak arond 4K now which makes it easier to control boost.
I recomend this upgrade for every MSM owner. 100% satisfied. It also fits with my future turbo plans.


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