Trackday with

New trackday. Probably the last chance to do some fast laps at Rudskogen in 2008.
Of course everybody knew this and i think it was 150+ cars that showed up.
The first session was not too crowded and I managed a 1.08,1 ! Nice to know that 1.08,0 is reproducable. This happend while chasing a Porsche 996 GT3 RS. That guy totally did not deserve that car as it should be capable to lap 5 secs faster than mine.
</div><div>I managed 3 session,  the two last sessions with 30 + cars on the track at once.  Totally waste of time and very risky.   On the last session a BMW crashed into a Lotus Elise that had a spin in the S-combination.</div><div>A couple of pictures from AJF @ forum:</div><div>


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