Taking my MSM to the dyno

I decided to get the car on the dyno before parking it for the winter. No tuning, just a couple of runs to measure the current power output before I start throwing more parts at the car this winter.
I’m exited to see what is needed to do a 1.08 @ Rudskogen with my current tire and suspension setup in a 1150 kg car.
I’m hoping for 220 whp. FM promises 225 whp for the Big Enchilada without mentioning boost pressure.
Since I’m running better fuel(98 or E85), larger more free flowing exhaust, Cold air intake with less restrictive piping to the IC and 15 psi I think 220 would be possible.

The only dyno operator that could fit me in on such short notice was Auto Consult, Per Gullbrandsen . I would have liked to use Autokvikk which is 2 minutes away instead of 80 km but the dyno dude was not available. If the engine should blow up or something I have a long way home.

I started out early as I wanted to do some fine tuning before I arrived.
I ended up adding 4 more degrees of timing at the top before I had to go.

Pics of the dyno room and the car eager to get those rollers moving:

That was all the pics I had since I had to either sit in the trunk to help traction on the wheels or manage the boost control and data logging.
I wish I had a brought a cam as the flames from the exhaust when letting off the throttle at 72oo rpm in 5th was amazing. I almost flamed my foot on the first pull.

We did 3 pulls. The first one was aborted due to a misfire at around 5K. I have never experienced this on the road. I removed some boost from 4500-5500 to be sure on the Greddy Profec E-01.
The second run went without problems except for a small dip in the power curve near red line. I was told that this could be badly balanced wheels. I know one of my wheels is not 100% but I have never felt any vibration. Not even on the Autobahn.
On the 3rd pull it was exactly the same besides higher intake temps.

And how much HP/NM ?
A loosy 195 whp and 300 nm…
I’m pretty bummed out.
I have no reason to question the numbers or if the dyno is reading high/low or whatever. But those 195 whp feels pretty effective on the racetrack.
The vibration was robbing some hp but max 5 according to the guy.
I think my tuning session adding 4 degrees at the top might have been stupid.
Also it would have been easier to compare with other MSM’s if I had used 98 octane.
F*** it. I’m pretty sure I could get the numbers with proper tuning but that is pointless when I’m ditching the stock turbo,manifold and downpipe for something bigger for 2009.

Here are some graphs, printouts and a datalog:

Peak torque is at 4600. About the same spot as the boost creep is a problem.
Power flattens out and torque drops after 6K rpm. That might be the problem here as power is climbing fast up to that point.

Well, it was a great experience after all.
And those 195 whp has given me a lot of joy in 2008.


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