Engine tear down part 3

Block is finally delivered to www.motorteknikk.no for +1mm bore and hone. I'll have it back some time next week.

No problems removing the internals. Most of the time was spent marking and documenting where the parts like the main caps etc. should go when assembling.

I was a little surprised to see that the oil return on the intake side had an internal oil tube going to the sump part of the oil pan. This means that it will not vent crank pressure as the exit will be submerged in oil. I'll consider making a separate vent now that I have the pan off. I might tap the pan for an oil temp sensor as well as I suspect the temp sensor in the drain plug reads to low due to hanging out in the air stream under the car.

<div>The oil splash pan was also acts like a support plate for the main caps. I forgot to take a picture but the plate has thick strong supports on the inside of the pan that acts like a girdle.
</div><div>No visible damange or wear on the rotating assembly

Rods and pistons looks good. No signs of detonation or wear on the ringlands.

</div><div>There are som scuffmarks on the skirts as always. Looks worse tat it is there is some dirt from the gloves.

Main bearings had no visible wear.

</div><div>Its interesting (at least for me) to see how the oil is distributed to the bearings via the block -> crank -> rod bearings. I also noticed that the oil passage going to the head has a restrictor as the valvetrains does not need as much oil as the parts in the block. Oil pressure is the single most important parameter to monitor in an engine.</div><div>


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