MSM project status August 2011

This blog has been lacking MSM project updates the last 6 months due to laziness.  I have a huge backlog of very cool stuff I need to write about but I might as well mention some of the stuff that has been going on before I use another 6 months getting up2date.

<ul><li>I just read trough my blogpost and I might not have mentioned that I sold off my GT3071 turbo setup in favor of a Rotrex C38-61 compressor which I plan to overspin by 10% and control boost on the intake side by a regual boostcontroller and WG. Pretty big decision considering all the work i did on the turbo setup. I hope to get a functioning prototype bracket machined in september and maybe some initial testing before the snow arrives.</li><li>I have modified the oilseparator passages in my camcover with some heavy dremel action with great success. Not a drop of oil exiting the stock MSM catch can other than back to the drain pipe.</li><li>I bought a cheap RaceLand N/A header based on info I learned writing this post  . Typical china quality but at least they got a decent sized pipe diameter on the primary/secondary</li><li>I regret buying a Simons NB single tip exhaust system since the NB version has some major restrictions (not straight trough) compared to the NA version I used on my first NA.  I will modify this one with Magnaflow silencers, slash cut and V-band CAT/Racepipe.</li><li>I have ditched my PS pump in favour of a Toyota MR-S electro mecanical pump placed in the trunk too free up space for the Rotrex. The procject took ages and I owe my self and the Internet a lengthy article on how it is done..</li><li>I have fitted at 65mm Edelbrock Mustang throttle body to my 2001 Square Top manifold. 2” all the way to the IM runners !</li><li>I have installed the FM Big Spark kit. 4 LS3 Coils working fully sequential with the Adaptronic. I predict no spark blowout, misfire or other ignition related problems during boost in my nearest future.</li><li>I have adapted the 11.75” Wilwood MINI kit as described by bbundy on Biggest challange was to find someone to fabricate the brake disc alu hubcentric spacers and caliper spacers in Alu. Brakes are now fantastic on track.  No change on the street.</li><li>I love the new Miata Roadster shortshifter with an angeled extender. It really does make the 6-speed usable.</li><li>I have mounted my Sparco sprint seat with custom brackets directly to the floor, 2 extra eyebolts for lap belts on the 6 point harness, Bell helmet and Scroth HANS. As usual this took like 10 times longer than expected. I’m pretty sure I had to trial fit the seat about 50 times before everything was optimal.</li><li>I measured 100rwhp on the temporary N/A setup measured with my iPhone… </li><li>I ran 1.08 on Vålerbanen!! Thats very fast for my current powerlevel.</li><li>I have won two AutoX events in NCL cup. (class 2)</li><li>I attended “Japsetreff 2011” on the brand new racetrack at Rudskogen and ran 1.50 lap in the dry and 2.03 in the rain. I have no idea if that’s fast or not.</li><li>One of my AFCO coilovers leaks oil and needs a rebuild.  They are for sale.. cheap.  I’m currently rocking stock suspension which is awful.</li><li>I’m leaving for a week of automotive pr0n @ the Nürburgring next thursday. I will be driving the MSM but need to adjust toe and lean out midrange to save some gas $ ( 2500ish km trip) </li></ul>


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