949 Racing NA with a 2001+ 1.8 VVT transplant

Emilio over at www.949Racing.com has been going crazy in his own webshop and loaded up his own daily driver with fancy parts. The result is a very competent and clean build capable of sub SpecMiata times on the track combined with street friendly handling.

Read about all the details here.
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One of the more interesting features here is their finely tuned plug in Adaptronic ECU complete with VVT control that made the “stock” engine put out 147 whp on shitty 91 octane gas with mostly boltons.
That’s a healthy 30-40 hp gain from boltons which was unheard of from internet experts over at m.net only years ago. With the weight difference this is close to stock MSM power.

What the Adaptronic needs is a dedicated shop that can deliver a complete package with a proper tune and install just like FM does for the hydra.  The maps I got with my Adaptronic was barely good enough for startup and only after countless hours have I managed to get it near OEM drivable.  Things like tip-in, part throttle and warm up take a lot of time to get right and is time better spent elsewhere.  I hope 949 will stay dedicated to the Adaptronic platform and help develop maps shared with the community.  Make ID1000 idle and behave near stock and we have a winner.


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