First testdrive with the Rotrex.

I took the car out for a short spin on Sunday just to to properly bleed the cooling system with the reroute.  Since the header wrap is new and smokes a LOT I could not run it inside the workshop for more than 5 min. I’m still on the N/A map with crazy timing so I kept it < 3K part throttle. I blipped it a couple of times just to see if boost builds up properly.  I’m not used to see the boost gauge follow the rpm.  Bye bye turbo lag. I also need to route the bypass valve back to the intake pipe pre Rotrex.  It’s practically a BOV where the turbo never runs out of compressed air on throttle liftoff.  Too much for normal driving.<div>
<div>The test drive was cut short due to some strange A/F readings.  It seemed like the LC-1 sensor was toast as it read 10:1 constantly on the meter. It later turned out that my dash logger read 0-1v instead of 0-5v. Probably reset itself when the battery was discharged during the winter.  There is also a small leak somewhere under the car.  I was not able to identify the fluid. It could be anything as I have done changes to the cooling system, power steering, new rotrex oiling and reused the copper washer for the engine oil plug.  Hopefully it’s either the PS or Rotrex oil since all connections are easily accessible from the engine bay.  </div><div>I’m currently converting all the fancy idle and drive ability tuning settings from the N/A map to my old turbo map as a starting point.  I need to do some more research on how a supercharged ignition map differs from a turbo map.  It should be possible to add timing closer to the detonation as boost is more linear and wont have problems with spikes. I hope to have a preliminary map running ~0.5 bar over the weekend. <div><div> </div></div></div></div>


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