MSM gone , but not forgotten...

Note to my self: Do not sell a convertible at the end of the summer/season. Seller did a killer deal. Me, not so much.  But I’ll make up for some of it since I’ll be buying a NC in the same shitty market.  Actually I have already bought my next project but I´ll make a separate post about that one later.

But back to the MSM.
It was a fantastic car.  Every word I wrote in this post back in 2007  when I bought it are true. The MSM is the ultimate NB from the factory, 6-speed, turbo, suspension , styling, handling, limited edition, torsen, sturdy axles.   Swap out that ultra green 6500 rpm limited ECU and you have reliable and fast street/track car.

However… if you want to push it beyond the stock turbo setup, it´s the wrong car.  The only MSM parts engine wise that I reused on my 3071 and Rotrex setup was the dual oil drains to the pan and the PCV system (which is very good if modified!).  The 2001 Sport would be a better choice if you want a 250+ whp build sans the beefier MSM axels.  And then you got VVT as well.

But now it’s time to move on and leave the MK1,2,2.5 MX-5 platform for the new MK3 NC.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never own a BP MX again.  I REALLY miss my BRG 94 1.8. That was the best daily I ever had and was a perfect backup plan for the track, Nürburgring trips and hooning when the MSM was under surgery (pretty much all of 2010..).

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