6-speed transmission swap Part 2

This is the FAIL part of the install.

-  Did you know that the Moss short shift is crap and requires both the stock collar and top plate of the 6-speed OEM shifter (which I dont have)..
- More importantly, did you know that the 5- and 6-speed has different outgoing spline diameter and different prop shafts ?


I sort of fixed the shifter issues with a DIY collar/top plate while waiting for backordered parts from Mazda.  It doesn’t fix the poor design and quality of the shifter though.
I wish I bought this one instead: http://www.axialflow.com/products.htm#mx5.
But the prop shaft issue is a real bummer as it impossible to get hold of used in Norway since 99.7% of NC’s here in Norway are 1.8 5-speeds = no salvaged 6-speed cars.

The chance of me shifting trough 6 gears around the track this sunday is >/dev/null.
I’ll check with a Swedish salvage yard tomorrow how much it will cost to get one shipped.
Another option is to get my 1.8 prop shaft rebuilt locally by powertrain.no if they have a yoke compatible with the spline and rear seal.


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