IAT and ECT temps at the track.

I did some temprature logging via OBDII at Rudskogen yesterday which pretty much confirms my testing in this post: http://www.mazdaspeedy.com/2013/07/iat-ect-and-pressure-drop-mesurement.html

I did the logging at the end of a balls out 10 min session http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhT1XIa3TeQ

Ambient: 21 C
ECT (coolant temp) : 78-82 C
IAT (Intake air temp manifold):  21 - 24C

IAT at 24C was recorded only when stuck behind slower cars.
82C ECT was after the long straight.

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Both these values confirms that the ECU is not pulling timing based on the temp/ignition correction tables which is nice.  As I said before, a CAI would do nothing for this car except messing up the engine compartment and possibly lower the filtration quality.


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