Upgraded front suspension on the SHoomer

Upgraded front suspension on the SHoomer

My SH150i powered Honda Zoomer (SHoomer) got a much needed front end upgrade this spring consisting of SH150i fork including disc brake and a 13” Honda S-Wing front wheel

To make that work the steering stem from the Zoomer fork needed to be adapted to the SH triple tree. I got a machinist to do the job by making a sleeve out of the SH stem and then welding everything in place.

The S-Wing wheel design is not very Zoomer’ish so I blacked out both the forks and the rim. Switched the tires to other profiles to lessen the weird stagger a bit.

Not the prettiest thing since I need the mirrors and a somewhat OEM’ish look, but damn is this thing fun to ride around the city. The brakes and better front suspension made it so much safer and better handling. Quite a weapon. Next upgrade will be a flat handle bar and a Honda Grom front fender.


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